Trabasack - the best tablet bag on the market

With the launch of the new Kindle Fire into the tablet market, experts believe that the price of tablets is going to fall and they’ll be more affordable for all. With the rise in sales, there will be a need for more specialised tablet bags and we at Trabasack believe our products are already ideal for use as tablet bags.

Trabasack offer the best quality and best designed tablet bag on the market. When you purchase a tablet bag, you want it to be specifically designed to keep your tablet safe and secure and you get this with a Trabasack. Additionally, Trabasack is fitted with a fantastic secure tray surface which can be used to work and play on the go and is a great place to lie your tablet if you’re using it as an interactive map or listening to music.

There are two key lines currently available in the Trabasack range: the Curve and the Mini. The Trabasack Curve is the larger of the two and is designed to fit the contours of your body. The Trabasack Mini is a perfectly designed smaller product which is super slim, super light and looks like a professional briefcase. It’s extremely smart and perfect as a tablet bag.

You can now equip your Trabasack with the innovative new Connect surface. The Connect surface allows you to attach anything you

Trabasack - a safe and secure tablet bag

wish to the top of your Trabasack. Using Velcro technology you can connect and hold anything you want to your Trabasack which is great if you’re using it in the car or on public transport!

Trabasack provide a innovative, British-designed tablet bag which has a dual-functionality and therefore outperforms all its competitors twice over!