Play time with Trabasack

"Our Trabasack in use as a buggy tray!"

If you’ve got a little boy or girl who’s not yet steadily walking and still needs their buggy when you’re out and about, then chances are there are times you need to keep them entertained. To be fair, nobody finds grocery shopping or a trip round the DIY store fun so imagine how boring it is when you’re trapped in a buggy with nothing to do!

There’s no need to worry, Trabasack is a great way of giving your child a range of toys and games to play with whilst sat in the comfort of their buggy. If your child is anything at mine, they’ll desperately be trying to escape from the buggy at all times so a great lap tray packed with their favourite toys is a great way to keep them occupied.

Trabasack as a buggy tray for trips out

When me and my daughter go out, I attach the Trabasack easily to the front of the buggy and choose a few of her favourite toys to attach to it. I have a Trabasack Curve Connect which comes with a fantastic soft surface which allows for Velcro tapes to be used. These Velcro tapes mean I can attach the toys securely to the Trabasack and my little girl can play with them as we move without throwing them out of the pram every two seconds (I’m sure you know how annoying that gets).

Some of our favourite toys include:

-Mirror –a child friendly mirror safely hooked in place is fantastic so my daughter can make faces and laugh at her own reflection

-Fluffy Toy – a small fluffy toy is always one of our favourites. As she’s very young, my daughter loves getting to know new textures andsoft toys are among her very favourite for stroking and touching.

- Mini Abacus or moving beads – we have a mini abacus which my daughter loves to play with. She loves moving the beads from one side to another and this could easily be replicated with a homemade model.

- Velcro rattles – these are usually designed to have placed around the wrist or ankle but you can just easily stick them to your Trabasack Connect surface and play with them this way!

Scream free travels with your buggy tray

Since going out with the Trabasack, our trips to the supermarket have been a lot more “scream free” and she seems genuinely gripped to her usual old toys as soon as they’re stuck to the play tray surface in front of her. Even though she’s a long way from walking, she can happily lean forward and grab at her toys and enjoy herself whenever we’re out and about!

Trabasack is brilliant as a snack and play travel tray and for making shopping trips stress free and scream free!