If you would like to ask how a Trabasack would attach to your chair, please call Clare or Duncan on (01509) 413236

'Bag a table anywhere'

Trabasack is a functional wheelchair bag. A new travel bag with an integral lap tray. Designed by a wheelchair user with your needs in mind.

Can’t get to a table? Trabasack is a travel bag and a bean bag lap tray. It’s a smart notebook bag with a flat tray side. Very handy for drinks!

It’s streamlined, lightweight and easy to attach to any wheelchair.

Perfect for wifi living or as a writing aid, it has a firm desktop feel. Then use it for food and drinks, the durable PVC tray surface is easy to wipe clean. You can keep it attached whilst using it on your lap with a waist strap. Or use our ‘side straps’ to loop onto an armrest or frame.

Trabasack travels everywhere.

At less than 800g it won’t slow you down. The bag holds personal belongings that are easy to access using two ring pull zips. You can also unzip the bag without taking the Trabasack from your lap. The internal zipped pocket is great for storing cameras etc as the neat little bean bag cushion helps to protect them. Use the removable bean bag as a travel cushion or for temporary pressure relief. Use rucksack or side straps to hang it neatly at the back of your chair.

Ideal for:

• Food and drinks
• Hobbies
• A portable work station
• Carrying essential belongings

Read our most recent feedback:

D. says "I found the Trabasack while looking for a new wheelchair bag and it's a match made in heaven for an iPad among other things. Not only does it serve as a very protective carrying case, but also a lap tray. I purchased one with a "connect" tray surface which is the equivalent of a soft Velcro surface. On the back of the iPad skin I attached a square of hook style Velcro so the iPad will not move from my lap even when fully tilted in the wheelchair."

A. says
 ”I have recently purchased a curved trabasack and I just wanted to let you know that I think this is a fantastic product.

Sometimes I struggle with my power chair getting close enough to be able to eat at a table and I struggle balancing a normal tray on my lap. This product has given me a new sense of  freedom now I dont have to worry about reaching a table. Thank you"

M. says ” I bought one at Naidex, and within half-an-hour was using it to support my laptop at the seminar I gave.

Since then I have used it regularly. Whenever I use it I often get people asking about it so the product is certainly attracting attention - because it's fantastic."


The ‘Connect’ tray surface option is great for sticking T.V controls, Mp3 Players or gaming consoles to. Just secure whatever you want to keep handy with Trabasack Hook tape

Attaching Trabasack to a wheelchair

Trabasack is supplied with two Long Straps. These may be used as shoulder, rucksack or waist straps. A 'quick release' buckle has been added to the strap to make it easier to get on and off.

Side Straps (included with Curve/ Curve Connect trabasacks and also available to purchase separately for Minis), may be used to attach the Trabasack to the front of a wheelchair. This may be part of the armrest or frame. Ideally the Trabasack needs to be positioned as close to the person as is comfortable. An extra pair of side straps may be purchased so that the Trabasack can be easily stowed at the back of a wheelchair when not in use as an alternative to stowing it rucksack style.

You should take care that the positioning does not affect safe use of the chair. Trabasack straps should NEVER be attached to safety belts. Equip-Able Ltd accepts no responsibility for improper use.

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