Messenger Bags for Women

As an alternative to the standard handbag, lots of businesswomen and students are opting for messenger bags instead. Messenger bags are spacious, comfortable to carry and brilliant for ensuring you can get to your stuff in a second (no more delving into the depths of a bottomless handbag!). Messenger Bags for women can be found in a range of styles and colors but when considering your first messenger bag, have you considered the Trabasack?

Messenger Bags from women are becoming increasingly popular, especially among students and businesswomen. However, if you’d prefer a bag which can be utilised like a messenger bag but also has other features and uses, opt for the Trabasack. Trabasacks can be used just like messenger bags for women and depending on the model you select, you can opt for a specific coloured trim to match your personality!

If you choose a Trabasack Curve Connect you have the option of a range of coloured trims such as pink or orange so you can tailor your new bag to your personal preferences. The other features of the fantastic Trabasack Curve Connect include:

  • Soft Velcro-ready “Connect” surface – your Trabasack Curve Connect comes with a soft Velcro-ready tray surface meaning you can attach things to your bag’s tray top to ensure you don’t lose anything such as your mp3 player or TV remote.
  • Multi strap options – your Trabasack Curve Connect comes with four straps, two short and two long which means you can opt to use it as a messenger bag or you could choose to wear it as a rucksack or bum bag. Another great feature is its easily attachable to your pushchair or pram!
  • Machine washable – your Trabasack Curve Connect can be washed in your regular machine at 30 degrees!
  • Ideal for crafting or embroidery – if you’re a skilled crafter you could use your Trabasack Curve Connect tray top to complete your crafts and store your materials inside.

Your Trabasack Curve Connect’s best feature is that is truly is a portable workstation and whatever you want to do be it crafts or accounts you can easily do it using your multifunctional Trabasack. Instead of considering one of the single function messenger bags for women, there are many reasons you should consider a Trabasack.