Using your Trabasack as a Maclaren Buggy Tray

Are you looking for a Maclaren buggy tray? Maclaren produce a great range of buggies from standard strollers to specialist buggies designed for children with mobility problems or other additional needs. The most notable product in their range is the Major Elite. However, as the children utilising these buggies are usually a lot older than the average child you’d see in one, they have additional needs and interests which need to be considered.

Children using Maclaren buggies often require a special buggy tray so they can comfortably eat, drink and play in the comfort of their buggies. It has been a problem for awhile that there have been a very limited range of trays to fit onto wheelchairs and absolutely none for buggies but this is no longer the case. Trabasacks are fantastic as a Maclaren buggy tray and give your child that extra bit of independence they’ve been waiting for.

Trabasack - an Innovative Lap Tray For Buggies

A Trabasack gives your child a comfortable tray surface which they can use in any way they want.

From eating breakfast (as pictured)to travelling out and about, a Trabasack can mean you’ve a portable tray wherever you go.

There are many features which make the Trabasack a perfect Maclaren buggy tray. The first is that they’re completely universal when it comes to fit; they aren’t designed for any particular buggy, wheelchair or other device, so you’ll have no trouble fitting the Trabasack comfortably and easily to your buggy. Secondly, if you opt for a Trabasack Curve, it is designed to fit the contours of the body so there are no uncomfortable edges or sharp bits.

Consider a "Connect" Lap Tray Surface

Another problem you may have discovered with other trays or device is that toys and other items easily fall over them or get knocked away. This is not the case with Trabasack. You can utilise the D Rings to hold valuable items in place or you can opt for the “Connect” surface. The “Connect” tray surface is supersoft and you can easily attach things such as your remote control or games console to the tray with Velcro hooks. It’s an optional extra which could be a brilliant addition for you and your child.

Trabasacks can be bought from their own website as well as on Amazon and has received a succession of positive reviews lauding them as a brilliant invention and something one reviewer considers the ‘best invention ever!’

If you have a child who spends time in their buggy, a Trabasack is a brilliant investment so they can comfortably play, eat and enjoy toys wherever they are.