Look no further for your Lightwriter Bag

Looking for the perfect Lightwriter bag? Get one with an extra function: a tray too!

If you’re someone who uses a Lightwriter for communication, I can imagine you find it difficult to use your device when you’re out and about without access to surfaces and tables. It must be extremely frustrating when you have nowhere to place your Lightwriter so you can communicate.

Lightwriters are a fantastic piece of technology which have really revolutionised the way many people with speech loss or lack of speech can communicate. They’ve added an extra degree of independence to many people’s lives but this can be more difficult when out on the move.

Lightwriter tray and bag
Kati Lea with a Toby Lightwriter and a trabasack

Take the example of Kati (pictured) who has explained on her own blog that it’s difficult to balance a Lightwriter on your lap when outdoors and use it efficiently but like many others, Kati has taken advantage of the Trabasack lap tray bag and used it as a level surface for her Lightwriter when out and about.

A Trabasack lap tray for your Lightwriter

Trabasacks are ideal for anybody who uses a Lightwriter or any communication device whilst out and about as you can safely secure your Lightwriter to the Trabasack’s handy tray surface and if you don’t want to use either device, you can pack the Lightwriter within the Trabasack.

Your Trabasack is a handy and versatile lap tray bag which can be attached to any wheelchair and comes in a Curve model which is curved to fit the contours of your body rather than being straight and against you and rather uncomfortable!

A Secure and Safe Wheelchair Lap Tray

Lightwriter tray and bag as used by Clare Edwards
Trabasack creator Clare Edwards demonstrates with a Lightwriter

Obviously a valuable piece of equipment like your Lightwriter needs to be kept safe and you don’t want to risk it falling off or getting broken and there are a number of features of the your Trabasack which can protect it:

  • D Rings: you can safely and securely attach your Lightwriter to the Trabasack D Rings so it completely secured and unable to wobble or fall
  • “Connect” Surface: you could opt to have your Trabasack with the optional “connect” surface which is basically a supersoft tray surface which is designed for the use of Velcro hooks. Although you may not be able to keep your Lightwriter 100% secure, you can certain secure other items such as the remote control or your iPod.

Trabasack means you can take your Lightwriter wherever you go and no need to worry about asking for extra support such as interpreters. You can also keep it safely hidden away when you’re travelling to and from locations inside the Trabasack. Used as a Lightwriter bag or Text to Speech machine bag, so that you have one less thing to carry around with you.

For additional independence and to further your Lightwriter’s functionality, get yourself a Trabasack and talk whenever and wherever you like.


Lightwriter is registered trademark owned by Toby Lightwriter Ltd. Trabasack is an authorised supplier of bags to Toby Lightwriter.