Laptop bags 

A new type of laptop briefcase that you can also use as a lapdesk on your lap. A tray top on one side and a leveling beanbag underneath makes it a perfect bag and tray for using your laptop, palm top, tablet or iPad anywhere.

There are many different laptop bags on the market and they all have their benefits. When you purchase a laptop, netbook or tablet device, one of the reasons you bought it was because of its portability but to carry it around you need the right bag to ensure its safety, your comfort and many other things. There are many people who can benefit from well-designed and well-fitting laptop bags from busy university students to travelling salesman, from hectic business people to gadget lovers and Trabasack is the laptop backpack for everyone.


The Trabasack Laptop bag and laptray alternative

Laptops, so named originally because of their ease of use on a lap, can still be quite heavy though and to make things more confortable it is much better to use on a laptray than directly on your knees. They also give out a lot of heat and can overheat if they are not on a flat surface. This radiated heat can even cause burns and injury to the legs if it is prolonged.

At Trabasack we produce a range of fantastic laptop bags for all environments and our range makes it easy to use your laptop bag as a table or tray as well as a bag. This multifunctional usage makes Trabasack even more popular and practical. There are many great features to the Trabasack which comes in both Curve and Mini models and these include:

-          Slim line and lightweight – both the Trabasack Curve and Trabasack Mini are extremely lightweight and slim line. They’re perfectly designed to fit your laptop, tablet device or iPad as well having space other files and important things you might need.

-          Versatile “Connect” option – if you opt for a Curve Connect or Mini Connect your Trabasack comes with a soft tray surface which you can attach anything to with Velcro hooks. This is great if you’re travelling and you want to keep your mp3 player, mobile phone or anything else close at hand.

-          Multiple carry options – with two long straps you can wear your Trabasack however you want. If you like rucksacks where it on your back, if you want it to emulate a briefcase, carry it that way!

Trabasacks are the modern alternative to standard laptop bags and can really make a huge difference to your working life. With additional tray table functionality you can work or play in any environment and get the most out of your laptop or tablet device.