Kids Play Lap Tray from Trabasack

This unique play tray is a new design is perfect for children to use in buggies, car seats or at home. Use for eating, drinking, playing with toys and games. For messy play use a Trabasack Mat.

The Connect surface is especially suitable for attaching toys, DVD players or laptops using velcro. Attach toys to the D rings and carry toys or food and drinks in the bag section. Fully washable too.

Trabasack may be used in a car as a lap tray. They are great for maps or snacks when stopping. Use the 'connect' surface with 'velcro' stickers to attach things that you do not wish to drop. This is especially good for children who might drop a game or dvd player the minute you start to drive away! Do not connect the Trabasack tray to the seat belt for safety reasons.

Stows at the back of a buggy when not in use or carry it messenger/ rucksack/ bum bag style. 

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