The Perfect iPad Messenger Bag

A Trabasack Mini iPad messenger bag in use
Trabasack as a messenger bag for the iPad or iPad2
Carry your iPad or iPad2 in trabasack as a smart messenger bag

The latest development in portable computing is of course the tablet with the most popular one being Apple’s iPad. If you haven’t already got an iPad, chances are you want one and when you finally get your hands on the coveted item; you’re going to want to keep it safe, secure and make the most of it. There are many different ways of carrying your iPad and one of the most popular and fashionable ways is in an iPad messenger bag.

Messengers bags are hugely popular amongst both men and women and they look can look both professional and casual depending on the way you carry them. An iPad messenger bag is fantastic for both business and leisure use and if you want a bag with an extra edge and another function, you must go for a Trabasack.

Trabasack produce two fantastic iPad messenger bags

Trabasack produce two different iPad messenger bags which are built both for comfort and functionality. Trabasack bags combine both a spacious bag space and a convenient lap tray which is great if you want to work or play on the move. The Trabasack Curve is the larger of the two models and is designed to fit the contours of your body when used as a lap tray as well as having a hugely spacious lap tray. The Trabasack Mini is the perfect messenger bag for your iPad as it is specifically designed to fit tablet devices and A4 files. Even with your iPad inside you easily have space for any extra things you may need from your purse to your work files!

Trabasack provides a convenient lap tray surface for your iPad

Using the Trabasack's tray surface for your iPad

Trabasacks are the perfect iPad messenger bags because they give you an extra opportunity to work on the go and enjoy your iPad when travelling or when in environments it may previously have been difficult to access. Simply place your Trabasack on your lap and the sturdy tray surface is a fantastic place to rest your iPad!

If you’re looking for an iPad messenger bag, look no further than Trabasack.