Using Trabasack as a wheelchair tray

Trabasack lap tray and bag is an excellent product for use as a wheelchair tray. It was created was designed by a wheelchair user so has many easy to use features. Trabasack is the most versatile wheelchair tray available.    

   Trabasack Curve  £39.95                               Trabasack Mini  £34.95


It's lightweight, has D rings, numerous strap options to carry and grab it, and is very comfortable your lap for long periods of time sitting. It has a removable bean bag on one side and a firm flat surface on top. Most importantly, it's versatile, serving many purposes so you don't have to keep switching items around or carry too much about with you.

There are different models, including a smaller mini type commonly used for netbooks and iPads and a larger Curve model. These lap tray bags not only provide a surface to work on or have a meal, they also open to store items inside.

The Trabasack Curve Connect is a special tray surface that you can 'stick' things too using velcro. People find this feature very useful for items like a mobile phone and and iPods. All you have to do is put a small piece of hook tape  or velcro on these items and they safely adhere to the Trabasack. You can easily and independently remove them from the surface if you want to use the lap tray to eat or hold a laptop. This enables you to easily keep things at hand when moving around, without worrying that they will fall off the tray and be damaged or break.

The zips have large 'ring pull handles' on them to make them very easy to get hold of and open. Inside, there's quite a bit of room to hold papers, notebooks, snacks, books, assistive devices, electronic items or whatever else you need to carry. 

The photo (at left) of the Trabasack sitting open on a wheelchair to show how far it opens up. As you can see, the large opening makes it simple to get items in and out. The bag space opens right out to make it easy to get things out of it. Having zips all around the circumference also means that you can access the bag whilst the Trabasack is on your lap.

Carrying the Trabasack around is easy because it comes with two sets of straps, both long and short. The long ones can be used to carry it like a messenger bag, as a backpack, on the back of a wheelchair or to hold it on your lap by using them around your waist. The shorter side straps can be attached to the arms of a wheelchair. You can also use

short or long straps to carry it on the back of a wheelchair as in the photo.

Trabasack can be used as a wheelchair tray or a lap tray for meals. It's machine washable but you can also purchase a mat to help keep it clean. The mat can live inside the bag space when not in use. It is a comfortable way to eat since the beanbag acts as a cushion and levels the tray.

Another feature is that there are so many ways to grab the Trabasack when you need it. If you sometimes struggle to set things up due to their weight and slippery surfaces when no one is around to help, Trabasack will really help. With Trabasack, it's so light that it is very easy to lift compare to existing plastic wheelchair trays. You can grab it using the smaller handles or slip your forearm through the larger straps to grab it, drop it on your lap and get right to work again. There's no danger of injuring yourself since it's soft and light.

Many assistive products that don't travel well. The great thing with the Trabasack is that it holds items while you travel instead of becoming another piece of equipment you have to lug along. It also works extremely well as a powerchair tray.

Trabasack was created by designer and wheelchair user Clare Edwards. It is has won many awards for it's design. It comes highly recommended by many wheelchair users. For the latest review as a wheelchair tray please see this review by Danni Brennand