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I received my Trabasack Mini in the mail today! It is all you said and more! I am thrilled with it and my little lappie fits in it perfectly. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product! Have a great week!
Best, Titania  September 2011

My Trabasack Curve is great. I've had it for about 6 months. It's the best tray I've ever had. I use it multiple times a day every day. Thank you for sharing it with USA. It's such a blessing !!

Jodi   U.S.A   May 2011

Just been on a train journey, Trabasack table was perfect to eat sarnies off,
after being at my writing desk in a meeting.

Hannah Ensor. April 2011 

Trabasack made a useful picnic bag yesterday, a great surface to get food ready, left hands free 4 carrying & sand came off easy.

Liz Haunch.
 April 2011

Trabasack, an excellent idea! Its stability still amazes me (I can carry a cup of tea!) ... people ask me about it, is outstanding!

Alan.  April 2011

Impressive! Greg Stekelman 'themanwhofell' April 2011

I last mentioned the Trabasack back in November, I was extremely impressed with the concept, execution and overall feel of the product and now that I've had some more time to use it, I continue to be impressed with it. Lastly, I was able to share the Trabasack recently at the ICE conference and it was a big hit! I really can't say enough about this product.  

Patrick Black USA.  March 2011

"Am a big fan of Trabasack! It's well thought out & versatile - use it when out & about or even at home when sat on sofa : )" Denise Stephens, Co founder Enabled By Design 2010


I’m really impressed with it.  Ruby has always had probs accessing toys, not least because they slide away from her.  This works well. plus it can stay in situ for a car journey if necessary which is another bonus. Thanks Julie x 2010

We love the trabasack!  And Andy does too - I hope I’ve managed to attach a couple of photos for you Thank you to all at ("a charity")  for buying this for him.  It’s a big success love Alison. 03/2010

"I thought "What a good idea"! Within 5 min's use I wondered how I'd managed without it. It's a quite brilliant product and has already revolutionised my life" Shoshi 2009

"I'm really pleased with how comfy it is as I bought the one that hugs your body and it really does. Helps to keep things that bit closer to me and safe. The zip pull-ring is great as I usually have trouble and need assistance but I can undo/zip it up myself which is a dream! 

It's very lightweight and yet stable for writing on and certainly helps me in banks and at Uni it will be so much better than either no desk or typing on my school bag-not ideal.

I'm using my lap tray less (bulky, heavy, cumbersome thing) and that's something. It's a really great product and I can't sing it's praises enough-if you can't guess!-  I shall be ordering a few as Christmas presents!"

L. 2009


“I bought one, and within half-an-hour was using it to support my laptop at the seminar I gave at Naidex (Inspirational Housing Design).

Since then I have used it regularly, and sent feedback to Clare. Whenever I use it I often get people asking about it so the product is certainly attracting attention - because it's fantastic.

I have the smaller Trabasack which suits me, although if you produce a slightly larger version, that would be useful. I like to travel light if I go to a meeting by train, and I can get all my notes and bits and bobs in the trabasack. Similarly, I now use it wherever I have a speaking engagement.

I think the best way to sell the product is to get it into peoples hands. I wouldn't have bought from a website, but after handling the smaller trabasack at Naidex, I had to buy one. - Well, to be honest, my wife bought it for me as a late birthday present ! - but you get the idea.

Keep up the good work!”


Mark Edworthy   June  2009



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May- August 2009, our customers own words.



Sandy           “bought one of these at Naidex for Heather .. she loves it .. I passed the leaflet onto Lauren as it was a hit with S too .. really handy little piece of kit! Heather really likes hers"



Lyndsay        " I agree IT IS FANTASTIC and i so wish i had had one years ago !!!"



Shelley          “ used it on trip to Slovakia therapy it was excellent on plane in resturants round the pool fab fab fab product thanks for making"


Linsey           “I love Trabasack it's a great design!!”



Kathryn         “It looks really good for Ben to have his dynavox switches velcroed to rather than the enormous table that goes with his wheel chair.”



Lyndsay        “have orderd one. Bens mack switch should be better placed on his lap than arm rest. These look usefull for all people... my mum who is 72 said it would be great for her too...”



Laurie’s Mum

“Ours arrived yesterday - and is already a great hit!! 

Laurie had the smallest sized blade, and he was too low to sit at resturant tables. Our wheelchair service had a wooden tray specially built, and the blade adapted, but it wasn’t easy to use and carry about. Will definately let the wheelchair service know about the Trabasack”



Linsey           “Forgot to mention that it is attached with the side straps which are priced separately. Very easy to attach with D rings. I love it, best buy in ages and no chance of Eve scratching or knocking herself like she usually manages to do with every piece of equipment! I've been showing everyone!! It's great that Eve can't hurt herself on it too as most things have sharp edges or metal and she gravitates towards anything that can cause damage. I don't have to worry about this happening with the Trabasack. Thanks again, Linsey.x ”