Trabasacks are perfect for storing and administering medicines at home or when travelling.

Use the tray top to help you when you need to take your medicine.
The bag compartment is ideal for storing medication and other equipment:             

Diabetes equipment


Using Trabasack as a safe and sterile medicine tray

Trabasack has a flat,level tray surface - perfect as a medicine tray.

If you are reliant on medication, be it one type or several, you understand the need for a specific set of protocol and extreme organisation to ensure you take the right medication at the right time and are up to date with when you’re due a new batch and such like. All your medicines need to be kept in a specific place (as described on the labelling) and you probably have a very personal system for keeping on top of it all. We at Trabasack believe our fantastic lap tray and bag could make the whole process a lot easier, as you can use Trabasack as a medicine tray and also utilise the bag compartment for storing all your medication and related paraphernalia.

Medicine Bag


The Trabasack tray surface is ideal for preparing medicines or perhaps any regular tests you may need to do for example diabetes blood sugar testing. The Trabasack surface is both level and can be wiped clean as well as being easily washing thoroughly in the washing machine when necessary. It’s also really useful to be safe in the knowledge that you have a clean level medicine tray for preparing your medication wherever you may be.

Carrying Personal Health Equipment

If you need to keep special cutlery, cups or water bottles, you can keep them handy inside. Catheters and other personal toileting equipment can be kept discretely in the zipped up pocket inside. You’re bound to feel much more comfortable, knowing that everything is easily at hand on your lap but also discretely out of view and securely zipped away.

For Notes and Emergency Information

The Trabasack bag compartment is also really useful for keeping in all your medical equipment, prescription information, notebooks for recording test results or dosages and anything else you might need. It’s also a great place to keep a clear and concise copy of your diagnoses in case of emergency so the right procedures can be followed, never hurts to be organised! You’re bound to feel much safer and secure if you know you’re completely organised when it comes to your own healthcare.

Trabasack has a huge array of uses and it is definitely a fantastic choice as a medicine tray and bag for storing all your medical equipment.

Trabasack Mini                                                                     Trabasack Curve


Product Awards 2009


British Healthcare Trades Association                                                                                                                                                                

Independent Living Design Award                                                    Trabasack Curve Gold Innovation Award Enable.

Trabasack Curve Connect 3rd Prize                                                   
British Healthcare Trade Association