Hydrant Sports

Hang it, hook it, clip it, stash it in your trabasack! Never be thirsty or buy expensive, environment damaging bottled water again. It is tough and re usable again and again and again.

We have added it to our shop because, like our trabasacks, we use one everyday.

Attach the Sports Hydrant to bikes, belts, pushchairs, rucksacks, golf bags, school desks.... 

The Sports Hydrant is designed for anyone and makes drinking on the move easy. Save cash and the environment by saying no to bottled water and always having your Hydrant with you. The Hydrant Sports is easy to hold as it has a large textured handle. Re-useable 1000s of times. Dishwasher safe. 

Fits nicely inside a Trabasack to keep you cool on the move

Available in 500ml 
Price: 5.95