Cool Backpacks from Trabasack 

Trabasack is a unique new bag that can be used as a table or desk on your lap. You can carry it as a backpack, rucksack or messenger bag.

Cool Backpack Trabasack

There could be any number of reasons you need a cool new backpack. Perhaps you need one for school or college, 'cause everyone needs somewhere to keep their tablet or laptop or perhaps it's for business purposes, you travel a lot and you need somewhere to safely keep your laptop and other important things. There could be any number of reasons for needing a good quality; good sized backpack and these are just a few.


Trabasack the new backpack and lapdesk in one!

At Trabasack we have invented an awesome alternative to your average cool backpacks and are definitely an option. Rather than a big bulky backpack why not consider a slim-line multipurpose trabasack perfect for carrying your iPad, netbook or laptop. As smart as a small briefcase, the trabasack is super slim and can be worn in a number of different ways. If you want to wear it like your traditional backpack you can but you can also use it as a briefcase style messenger bag.

There are many reasons for choosing a trabasack over a standard backpack and here are just a few:

  1. Light weight and padded – the trabasack is easy to carry and easy to utilise as a handy tray to put your laptop on when working on the train or on the move. It’s padded so there’s no trouble with sharp edges or corners digging in to your legs or back.
  2. Shower proof and machine washable – your trabasack is fantastic whatever the weather! It can withstand rain and if it does get dirty, simply stick it in your washing machine at 30 degrees.
  3. Velcro tray facility – as mentioned, if you are a busy commuter and need to work on the go, the trabasack has an optional Velcro tray meaning you can comfortably utilise your trabasack as a table for your laptop, files or multimedia devices

Cool backpacks are not easy to find but with trabasack you have everything you need to get your stuff from A to B but also its multifunctional features and its slim line easy to carry size, as well as a handy tray wherever you need one.

Trabasack is a new special bag that with features you will not find on any other laptop bag or backpack.

Another reason for choosing a trabasack backpack is that it has a beanbag cushion in a pocket inside it. As well as helping to make it comfortable and level on your lap it also works to help insulate the backpack. So that food or drinks placed inside the bag space are kept cooler than an ordinary bag because of the insulating properties of the bean bag. This makes it ideal as a school or picnic bag. Its nylon and polyester construction meant that is will wipe clean and can be hygenicaly washed if food gets on it.