A tray top made of super soft 'Connect' material.


Uses hook and loop technology (Velcro) to make things easy to attach and hold onto the top of the tray surface. 

The Trabasack Curve Connect is shaped to help it sit comfortably around the waist and has no hard corners. The 'Connect' surface is 'velcro' receptive, that is, you can stick things to it with the rough 'hook' or Velcro tape. This helps keeps toys games and consoles secure, or for adults people a small piece of 'hook' tape can be put on a mobile phone or TV remote to help keep them at hand.

Add small 'hook' tape to anything that you wish to stick to its surface. The surface is a soft fabric that adheres strongly to anything with 'hook' tape on it. Put 'hook' tape on the back of your iPad, remote control, mp3 player, toys, consoles etcs. Trabasack Curve Connect is available with a blue, orange or red trim.

Trabasack Mini Connect  £39.95




Testimonial: D. says "I found the Trabasack while looking for a new bag and it's a match made in heaven for an iPad among other things. Not only does it serve as a very protective carrying case, but also a lap tray. I purchased one with a "connect" tray surface which is the equivalent of a soft Velcro surface. On the back of the iPad skin I attached a square of hook style Velcro so the iPad will not move from my lap even when fully tilted".