Bed Tray - Use Trabasack in bed as a bed tray or bed table

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Trabasack is a multi-functional beanbag lap tray that can be easy and convenient in bed too.
The soft bean bag underneath will rest comfortably on your sheets in bed just as it will on your knees.
Use it instead of a wooden bed table or an over bed table, save money and have of all the things that you keep in the bag at hand in bed too!

Trabasack can be kept on your bedside table or at the side of the bed ready with your books, hobbies or laptop whenever you need it !

  • A bean bag bed tray

  • Store reading glasses, tissues, T.V controls safely

  • Light weight eliminates pressure

  • Easy to use grab handles , ring pull zips

  • Ideal for eating and drinking

  • A level surface for laptops

Work on your laptop or read in bed in comfort. The firm flat tray side will keep everything on as on a table top and the bean bag underneath will level up on your bed. Breakfast in bed is now always an option using Trabasack as a bed table! 


Bed Trays 
Bed trays are small trays for sitting on your lap.  Bed trays are mainly used for eating food while in bed, however there is an abundance of situations in which these could be used.
First and foremost is for the puzzle solvers out there. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down with a brain teaser, unless its lying down with one. A simple bed tray can turn a nice puzzle experience into a luxurious one in which you can spend hours at a time teasing your brain.
However, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind when they thing of a bed tray is getting breakfast in bed. Yes, breakfast in bed the ultimate luxury. You can do it for a loved one or even yourself. No one ever said you couldn't make then enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast you made in bed.
One of the more popular choices is to lie down while enjoying a movie, yet how do you enjoy a snack while in bed without making a mess? A simple bed tray can alleviate most of your problems and give you a place to put the remote. This always seem to be an issue is a misplaced remote but no more!
After a long day’s work and you want to relax in front of a computer, why sit up? Take your laptop on a bed tray and lie yourself down in front of it. It will give you a nice level and sturdy platform to type on. Not to mention you can use a cooling pad a lot easier without getting your legs all cold so that your laptop doesn't overheat on you.
Or perhaps you are an avid reader? In that case bed trays will be beneficial to you as well because they give you a place to red your arms while reading. That's the worst part of reading in bed is getting into a comfortable position in which you can rest your arms and just enjoy the story. Also adding in a few snacks for good measure and you got a wonderful relaxing reading experience.
All in all for ultimate bed comfort bed trays are pretty much necessary. They take up little room when folded up and put away, they create a plethora of relaxing activities you can now enjoy comfortably from your bed.