Finding the perfect conference bag

Trabasack is light weight and versatile - the perfect conference bag

Have you ever wondered what the perfect conference bag is? Whether you’re a frequent speaker or a regular delegate, most of us attend the conferences of some kind or another with our work. Travelling light is essential if you’re only there for a day and even more so if you have to keep your belongings with you whilst at the conference. Finding the perfect conference bag can be difficult but we think we’ve got the answer.

The components of the perfect conference bag

The perfect conference bag needs to be portable, lightweight, professional-looking and spacious. The perfect conference bag is a Trabasack. Trabasack ticks all the above criteria and has an additional innovative function. The extra functionality you get from your Trabasack is in the form of a handy lap tray, meaning you can take notes on the move, sat on your sofa or ingeniously, at your seat in a conference lecture hall. With its soft bean-bag like cushion which fits comfortably on your lap and its hard lap tray you can easily place your laptop, netbook or tablet device down in front of yourself and note down any interesting points from the lectures or meetings you attend.

Trabasack is the perfect choice as a conference bag

Whether you attend many conferences or just the odd few, your Trabasack will prove invaluable

A Trabasack in use at a recent conference

and it won’t be long before you cannot get by without it. If you travel via plane or train it’s great to be able to work on-the-go in your own space and with your Trabasack this is possible. Many people find that trabasack is the best business bag available.

Finding the perfect conference bag doesn’t need to be a challenge, in fact, once you’ve bought your Trabasack you’ll never look back!