Computer Backpack

Trabasack is a Rucksack Laptop Bag and a Laptray in one!

It has become the standard these days to carry your portable notebook, laptop or tablet device in a messenger bag or briefcase.However, there is a demand for computer backpacks so you can relieve the stress of your arms and joints and carry your computer on your back.

The range of computer backpacks on the market isn’t as vast as you’d imagine as the interest and trend seems to be towards messenger bags. This doesn’t mean they aren’t a great idea and why not consider a bag which can be used as a backpack or a messenger bag or even as a bum bag. Of course I’m talking about the inventive Trabasack.

The Trabasack is an extremely versatile bag which can be used just like any of the range of computer backpacks but you can also choose to use it as a messenger bag or briefcase if you want. Another great feature of the Trabasack is its unique tray feature which means you can use it to hold your files, your laptop or whatever you’re working with wherever you are. The Trabasack provides a level surface anywhere because you can use the tray surface and bean bag base to work on your lap.

Instead of opting for a one-dimensional computer backpack you should definitely consider a Trabasack and utilise the multiple technologies within it. Another innovative element you can add to your Trabasack is the great “Connect” tray surface. This Connect surface is a Velcro receptive top for your tray and means you can attach your tablet device, mp3 player or whatever you want to your laptop tray with Velcro hooks.

Versatile Laptop bag and Laptray

The Trabasack comes with both long straps which can be utilised as shoulder straps like your standard computer backpacks or you could utilise it as a bum bag or carry it by its two handles like a briefcase. It really is thoroughly versatile and truly deserves to be your next purchase when it comes to protecting and transporting your computer.

Use at at conferences lectures and workshops, whenever you need to work on your laptop computer, with trabasack you have a backpack that converts into a laptray whenever you need it.

Converts from a backpack to a laptray whenever you need it