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Trabasack laptop bag and lapdesk


The Trabasack is lap desk and travel bag with a firm flat tray surface on one side and a removable bean bag cushion on the other.  The bag section has enough space to carry daily essentials.

Easy to carry and to place on your lap when you need it. Use it as a lap desk for working, eating or playing wherever you are.

All Trabasacks are 7.5cm deep and weigh between 570g for a Mini Trabasack to 680g for a Curve Trabasack.

Use as a computer lap desk that travels with you as a bag. Trabasack is no ordinary lap tray. It's a smart contemporary alternative to the old style bean bag lap tray.  

Prices from £34.95              

I received my Trabasack Mini in the mail today! It is all you said and more! I am thrilled with it and my little lappie fits in it perfectly. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful product! Best, Titania 2011

"Am a big fan of Trabasack! It's well thought out and versatile - use it when out and about or even at home when sat on sofa" Denise Stephens 2010

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Trabasack is an ingenious and innovative product which allows you to both store and use your laptop, Kindle, netbook or tablet device on the go. With the range of computer bags out there, the best on the market need to have a unique selling point and for Trabasack that’s its fantastic tray surface. The tray surface allows you to use your laptop on the move as well as being a handy laptop bag.

Unlike other laptop cases, Trabasack is fantastic for both storing your device in its spacious bag space and using your laptop on its great tray service. There are two different types of Trabasack computer bag: The Curve and The Mini.

The Curve is the larger model and can be equipped with a “Connect” surface which allows you to safely secure things to your Trabasack with ease. It also comes with a range of different trims including blue and pink, meaning they can be great laptop bags for women or men who like things colour coordinated. The Curve is specifically designed to fit the contours of the body and this is another feature which makes it better than other laptop bags. The Mini is a smaller version which is ideal for A4 files and tablet devices or as a netbook bag. The perfect conference bag, it’s ergonomically designed to be comfortable and functional.

As well as using your Trabasack on the move you can also use it at home for various purposes. From a work tray to a bed tray, you can work at ease wherever you want.

Another great feature of the Trabasack is its multiple carry options. You can wear it as a laptop backpack if that’s your preferred method and it’s easily as attractive and functional as other cool backpacks on the market. Alternatively, you can carry it as a messenger bag or briefcase. Messenger bags for women are extremely fashionable at the moment so
Trabasack could be the exactly the bag you need.

Despite there being a vast array of computer backpacks and laptop bags on the market, Trabasack is up there with the best and it is definitely a great investment.

As well as for laptops, trabasack has a great fan base of people using it, as a business bag, for children as a buggy tray or a kids car seat tray, for crafts, art, commuting, students, as a scientists bag, on airplanes, in bed and as a bag for musicians. It is a very versatile bag!




   IDLA Design Award 2009